Google+ is Useless. Maybe Not

This morning, I googled up “Scoot Airlines”, the new Singapore based budget airlines and I noticed a friend’s blog about their new uniform second on the search list. How can it be? Next I noticed a “person” icon next to his post.

I looked at the source and realised that it was a result of Google+. Google has tweaked its search engine to push postings within our individual Google+ circles up the search order. Now that is a game changer in Social Media.

I had always assumed that Google+ was a useless social media tool, just like Twitter. (Don’t slam me, its just my opinion) I see both mainly as broadcast tools that don’t allow for too much interaction. It is good when you already have content (like a blog) that you want to broadcast.

I also think that the number of active users on Google+ is rather low. In all I have over 100 people in my Circles and only about five of them updates regularly – all current or former tech journos.

But with the change in highlighting Google+ updates in Google searches, Google+ is going to become more significant a player. No wonder Twitter is complaining.

It is therefore more important to now get people to add you to their Circles. While they may not follow your stream, your posting will be highlighted in their searches depending on your key words.



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