Passionate People Take Sides

As I catch up with my daily updates of my favourite soccer club, I came across an amazing article. It was passionately written by a fan, obviously not a fan of my club.

Unfortunately, as I write this blog, I realised that they have taken down that news report which was disappointing. They have replaced it with a more positive Why Tottenham Hotspur Finally Have a Chance to Win the Premier League

But! I found a site that reproduced the original news report – 6 Reasons Tottenham Hotspur Are Pathetically Overrated

It is probably written by a fan of either Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea who are now just a shadow of their former glories.

But that is not the point of this writing.

If you look at the articles, it is interesting to see the two different point of views. Both are just as passionate, but they see things differently. One is filled with hope, while the other is blinded by jealousy.

Sports has a lesson to teach us in life. We need to take a side and commit to it. We will only enjoy the game, when we support a side. Watching a game as a neutral is not much fun as there is nothing vested in it. If one team wins, so what? If the team loses, so what?

As we  get on with 2012, we need to look at our lives. What are we passionate about? If the answer is nothing, how do we feel alive. With passion, we experience the joys and sorrows. With passion, we experience the victories and defeats. With passion, we feel alive, not indifferent.

Back to my favourite soccer team, every year Spurs fans live in hope that this year will be our year of glory. Most years, we feel disappointed, but we return stronger. This season is different. Spurs is sitting 3rd in the table and three points from 2nd placed Manchester United with a game in hand. Tonight we play Everton,  and we can equal Manchester United in points, or not. Could this be our year?

Update: Spurs defeated Everton 2-0 and is level on points (45) with second placed Manchester United, and just three points behind leaders Manchester City. Game on!


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