Unintentional Review of Redmi by a iPhone User

Xiaomi Redmi

My iPhone 5 died for the second time in a month. First time,  the top of the screen popped open and I can see the inside. The guy at the shop said it was a bloated battery and asked me which charger was I using – the flat one or the bulky one? huh?

iPhone Charger
iPad charger

Apparently, it is a common problem for iPad users who also use the same charger for the iPhone. $65 later, they changed the battery, but the top of the phone is still not sealed. Once it is popped open, they can’t seal it back unless I change the whole screen, which will cost $165. Since there was nothing wrong with the screen and hopefully iPhone 6 will be launched in a couple of months, I chose to live the slightly popped screen and hoped for the best.

Well, I dropped last weekend and the phone died. I did not have time to send it back to the shop and ended up using the Xiaomi Redmi phone I bought a couple of months ago.

Initially, I was very impressed with the Redmi interface. It was really cheap for its specs. But I did not use the phone. When I iPhone died, the Redmi became my official phone for a couple of days. So I here is my unintentional review.

The first problem I faced was that it was sending audio notifications all the time. And I could not figure out what it was until I talked to another Redmi user. In its default setting, the phone will beep once it detects a WiFi network. To turn it off, you need to access the WiFi settings and turn off its notifications.

Second problem, I struggled to have a conversation because the audio is too soft and I could not increase the volume. I found a Redmi discussion thread on it if you are interested.

Third problem was with its third-party app notification. With Whatsapp, it has an audio notification, but when I turn on the phone, it is not indicated within the notification page and not even on the app. On the iPhone, the app will show 1, 2, 3, or the number of messages I have not seen. On Redmi, nothing. It does show notifications for its default SMS app.

Fourth problem, the screen is sensitive when you don’t want it to be and not sensitive when you want it to be. A couple of times, the phone turned on while in my pocket. When I checked the phone, I realised that it is in the phone mode and has entered some numbers and once even dialled someone in my address book. On other times, when I am typing and all the wrong characters showed up.

After three days, I am so happy to collect my iPhone from the shop. Apparently, since it was still popped and when I dropped it, the battery connector came loose. I now need to ensure that I don’t drop it again and I can’t wait for iPhone 6.



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