With Good Marketing, You Don’t Need to Be the Best

Here is the the truth, having the best product will get you something, but on its own you will not get to the top. On my recent Malacca trip, we certainly saw this in Chendol/Cendol marketing. We were on Jonker Street and we went straight to Jonker 88. It was crowded and people were queuing outside the store. When we went in to order, there were people standing eating their bowls of Chendol.

Funny thing was that we have heard that this place did not serve the best Chendol. We heard that the Chendol next door at QQ Ice 86 was better. So why did we end up at Jonker 88? Marketing.

Jonker 88 and QQ Ice 86, side by side

Well, the Chendol at Jonker 88 was not bad, but it was nothing to really rave about. We were there because it was more famous. It had cleverly adopted the street address as its marketing name. If you look at the entrance of the store, you will notice another traditional black wooden signboard with engraved Chinese and English words. No Jonker 88 written on it. But the awning and the pop-up banners outside the store bolding screams Jonker 88.

Jonker 88 is easy to remember – name of the famous street and its unit number. It’s traditional Chinese decor adds to the atmosphere.

Now, while we did not try the Chendol at QQ Ice 86, we do know that others who have tried both prefers it. This is not a food blog, so I will compare. I found a blog that did the comparision – Orange Confit.

So did I try a Chendol in Malacca that was better than Jonker 88? Yes, I did. But it is not in a specialty dessert store but in a Paranacan restaurant – Aunty Lee, which happen to serve one of the better Paranakan meals we have tasted.


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