When we had to “Shoot-to-Kill” in Cebu

When I asked the hotel staff at Plantation Bay, where is a good place to eat, I was told “Shoot-to-Kill” at the Mactan Shrine. At first, I thought it was a restaurant name. Later I found out that in that area, it is a common cuisine as there are many “Shoot-to-Kill” restaurants in the area.

Now even in my national service days, we were taught that weapons must be put to safe and there was no such option as “Shoot-to-Kill”.

As I talked to more people, I discovered that it was not an English word that they were telling me. “Shoot-to-Kill” turned out to be Sutukil – three Pinoy ways of cooking really, really fresh seafood.

Sutukil was indeed short form of three cooking styles:

  • “Su” is short for “Sugba”, which means grill or BBQ,
  • “Tu” is short for “Tula”, which means to simmer in a soup,
  • “Kil” is short for “Kilaw”, which means soaking raw or semi-cooked fish pieces in vinegar and condiments

So you can order a huge fish and separate it into three portions and the restaurant serves it up in three different styles. We were not prepared for “Kil” so we only had it in two styles.


Now we went as a group of 10 adults and 10 children (all under 12, youngest is 2). When we got off the van, we were a little surprised by the location as, it was mainly locals. When we looked around, we don’t see any other foreigners. When we stepped into the food area, it looked like we entered a wet market. There were at least three Sutukil restaurants. After a brief a survey, we entered Salo-Salo Sutukil restaurant.

When we entered the restaurant, we noticed very few patrons – a western couple, and a American man, seated with two locals. We decided to approach the local man who was with the American and asked if he could help us with the ordering. It turned out that he works in Singapore and is back in Cebu during the holidays.

We had probably the best meal we had on Cebu for about 6,000 pesos (about SGD 180) feeding 20 people. I am sure if the kind local working in Singapore had not helped us, we would not ordered as well, and would probably be overcharged.

Now Unfortunately, we were so preoccupied with the kids and the food that we forgot to take any pictures.

So here is the next best thing I can do… direct you to someone else’s blog who has been to the same restaurant and did bother to take pictures of the food.


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