Learning to Live With Just One

The problem with switching over to the iPhone 5 is the Lightning cable. There is only one and for over a month, I was not able to buy another cable – an Apple origin or otherwise. I did not realise it, but I had been so dependant on having a minimum of 3 cables. Well with the 30-pin connector, I have 5 cables – 1x office, 1x car, 3x home (since I have a iPhone 4 and 2 iPad 2s at home).

With just one precious cable, it means that I have to carry the cable wherever I go with the fear, of what if I lose it.

I had place an order in September for a made-in-China Lightning cable through Qoo10 (formerly G Market) at just $8. It never did arrive. Apparently, the supplier received the first batch and it could only charge. With the cable, it could not sync the phone. So they did not send it out. Well, last week they refunded me saying that they could not deliver.

In the meantime, I tried ordering through 3 other suppliers, again through Qoo10. The price has now gone up to $12. On Friday, one of the three delivered. So now I have one additional cable and it works. So YEAH!!!!!

The Chinese had successfully reversed engineered the cable in less than a month, in spite of the safeguards Apple has put in.  Hopefully, the other two will come soon.

It was surprising to me that the most memorable part about switching phones for the cable, or lack of it. The iPhone 5? It’s a nice phone longer, thinner, lighter, no big deal.

The other memorable experience is related to iMaps… truly an adventure… perhaps in the next blog.


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