Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hoon Now Richer Than Ever

I remember years ago visiting the famous Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hoon with a group of friends. Conclusion? We liked the food but absolutely did not like the attitude of the owner. He was rude and arrogant. If you want to eat there, these are the standard items you MUST order. Well, as the customers, we weren’t given a lot of choices, but the food was good. Did we return? No.

Two years back they moved from their Holland Village location to Dover. We decided to give it a try back then. Something changed. Same owner, same staff, but the attitude is gone. Maybe it is a new location and the business is not as good? Whatever the reason, we did not bother to go back. We felt that the quality of food has dropped.

We are told that today, they are doing very well and especially on weekends, it is pretty hard to get a table.

Last month, they opened a new outlet, this time run by the niece of the original owner and it is right where we stay, well kind of…

It is a strange location, in a office block One Common Wealth, emphasis on the word “Wealth”. The building name comes from is actual address. 1 Commonwealth Drive, right next to Commonwealth MRT. The ground floor has a coffee shop that has not really attracted many customers over the weekend. In fact most stalls are closed.

What makes that location interesting, is the strange collection of shops on the group floor. There is an auto shop that sells luxury cars. Parked in the shop window are two Lamborginis, a Ferrari, a Aston Martin and two Rolls Royce. There is another auto shop that seem to be promoting the Red Bull Racing Team. There is a high-end furnishing shop, a specialty bicycle shop, a shop that sells only golf equipment and a Christian bookshop (Mount Zion).

Well, back to the Bee Hoon…

It was only opened for about a month and business is picking up. I really think this is better than the original store, now in Dover. I won’t do a food review but I will certainly be back. Food is nicer and without the attitude.

UPDATE: Well, the entire food court has closed and so has XO Fish Head Bee Hoon. Hopefully, they will open another store nearby soon.


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