Shared Values of Singapore – A Disconnect Somewhere? (Part 2)

When I look at the list, it felt strange. While it is certainly an aspiraional list, it did not feel sincere. For one, Honesty brings back memories of my National Service days. Now, it was during NS that we were introduced to the Code of Conduct (COC) – a list of 10 rules to follow. I certainly have no memories of what the 10 COCs were, but sure am clear about COC 11. It is the one that was introduced after the 10 official COCs. So COC 11 is the unofficial, unwritten one that we all remember and apply – Do anything you want, just don’t get caught.

I don’t think COC 11 is unique to the camp I was in, because whe I talk to friends in other camps, they certainly know what COC 11 was.

As I look at the Values list in the papers, Ican’t help but wonder if COC 11 is still taught in National Service. So much for the Honesty that topped the Values list

For me the biggest disconnect in the list is that I don’t think these are values the people surveyed hold themselves up to. I think this is what they expect of others but not necessarily of themselves. Either that or the people surveyed are not quite the representative of population.

Through the years, I have seen people making sure they do all that is necessary to keep them ahead of the rat race – often at the expense of others.

I like what my pastor once told us, “Ëven if you win the rat race, you will find out that you are still just a rat.

Here is what I am hoping for, that as we look at the Values list (which is probably already forgotten by most), that we will use it as a mirror to reflect on our own personal values and come out of it as a better person.


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