Shared Values of Singapore – A Disconnect Somewhere? (Part 1)

Well, The Straits Times dedicated their entire Saturday section on the “Values we Value”. In the article it shared a top 20 lists of values we are Singaporeans value. I like the list, but I cannot help that there is  major disconnect somewhere. Have a look at the list below as listed by the Straits Times with their definitions. Over the next few blog entries, I will walk through the disconnects I see.

1. Honesty – Telling the truth, being upright and genuine

2. Kindness – Being benevolent, compassionate and helpful

3. Gratitude – Being aware and appreciating the good things that happen, and taking the time to say “thanks”

4. Fairness – Being unbiased and impartial

5. Forgiveness – Accepting the shortcomings of others and giving people a second chance

6. Empathy – Understanding and being sensitive to another person’s feelings, thoughts and experiences

7. Love of Learning – Constantly mastering new skills or topics, formerly, or informally

8. Principle – Living life according to a code of conduct

9. Hope – Being optimistic about the future, believing that effort can bring about a good outcome

10. Self-Control – Being disciplined, controlling one’s appetites and emotions

11. Humility – Being modest and not regarding oneself as special

12. Perseverance – persisting in the face o obstacles

13. Open-Mindedness – Thinking things through, not jumping to conclusions, weighing evidence from all sides

14. Energy – Approaching life with excitement, living life as an adventure

15. Humour – Seeing the lighter side of life, not necessarily through the telling of jokes

16. Courage – Not shrinking from threat, challenge, difficulty or pain, not limited to physical bravery

17. Spirituality – Having coherent beliefs about the higher purpose and the meaning of the universe, having beliefs about the meaning of life that shape conduct and provide comfort

18. Creativity – Thinking of novel concepts or actions, not limited to artistic achievement

19. Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence – Noticing and valuing great beauty and achievement in all area, from nature to art to maths to science to everyday life

20. Curiosity – Finding subjects fascinating, exploring and discovering


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