Worries, Fears, Dreams and Aspirations

This week in cell group, we talked about “worry” or rather “do not worry” and we read Matt 6: 25-34. We sit here in Singapore and discuss about worries – worries about family, worry about work, worry about school, worry about money. But when you think about it, most of our worries and concerns are about “me”. These are real concerns, but that is what God is trying to tell us – to trust in Him. It’s not about where our next meal is coming from, instead it is about having to choose from a huge variety. It’s not about where our next dollar is going to come, but about where should we invest  so that we can get more money.

Come to think about it, when you put things in perspective, they seem kind of trivial.

On my recent trip to Cambodia, we met up with a group of university students.  One was studying to be a lawyer, another a doctor, another in foreign affairs, one in business, two in IT, and two in hospitality. Now in  country where most cannot understand English, there were three majoring in English Literature. Now there is one last one who intrigued me more than most.

He intends to be a policeman when he graduate. That day, I personally witness how corrupt the police can be, so I know how difficult it must be for him when he joins the police force.

As young Cambodians who have dedicated their lives to Christ, they want to see a transformed Cambodia – a generation who will rise up no longer looking for handouts, no longer dependant on corruption and no longer living in fear.

We were there to share and teach them and bless them, but I was totally awed as I listen to each of their aspirations. Most of them had grew up in orphanages and now they live together in a Christian youth hostel. They know how protected their lives are right now and each one carry fears when they graduate because then they will be plunged into the world system of a corrupt Cambodia.

They understand their only hope is Christ and beyond their studies, they are creating a community of Christian believers who are contributing helping other Cambodians rise up by teaching them English and sharing what Jesus have given them.

So how do we not worry? We put our faith in God, who gives us hope, peace, joy, strength and so much more…


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