The Rainbow Connection… at Tanglin Halt

On Saturday, I looked out of the master bedroom window and it was sight to behold. Right after the heavy downpour, was a rainbow. A rainbow like no other that I have seen. This is the first time I have seen a rainbow so clear and a complete rainbow, from end to end. Not just that, it was a double rainbow.


I tried to take a picture of it with my iPhone and realise that I can’t capture both ends. I quickly grabbed my Olloclip and attached it to my iPhone for wide-angle reach and captured a couple of shots.

I posted it on Facebook and here is the funny thing – the first person who liked it and commented was my member of parliament – Chia Shi-Lu, “Nice picture, dragon in the sky perhaps?”

By the end of the day, there were many other friends who posted their rainbow pictures, including my favourite from Ian Tan seen here.

There are many other rainbow sightings all over Singapore. But for me, this rainbow holds special meaning. 

2012 represents the fifth year that we are staying in this HDB unit in Tanglin Halt. And this house has always represented the goodness of God.

Before we were married, Joyce saw a vision of the place that we were going to stay, the place God was going to provide for us. She saw herself standing before a highway, looking at two tall blocks with nothing much besides it.

Where in Singapore would you find a highway and then two tall blocks? I remembered that based on that image, we drove around Singapore looking for it. Nothing comes close, not even the high-end condos in Marine Parade along the ECP – the type that we could not afford.

A couple of months before our wedding, I saw a HDB ad for the balloting exercise for studio units in Tanglin Halt – the type for the elderly. When I saw that, something in my spirit clicked and I said that was it. Only problem was that there were three blocks and where is the highway?

When we went there, I think the blocks were only built up to the 10th or so floor. It felt right, but it did not quite fit the vision. The other problem when we called the HDB was that the balloting was only for the studio units, the balloting for the 4- and 5-room units was not ready yet.

But it felt so right. Now, the wedding was up and we still did not have a house of our own. We were asked to give up on the vision and get a resale unit, but be decided against it. We did the strange thing – we rented a 3-room HDB in Clementi.

Many people were saying that we were foolish. In most cases, it is foolish to rent in Singapore, when you can buy. But for us, renting was our way of putting our faith in God, telling him that we choose to trust in him. But what if we hear and believe wrongly?

A couple of months later, the balloting was called for, but we were above the income ceiling. I had already made a sacrifice by taking on a lower paying job, but we were still above the income ceiling. Together with the balloting papers, we submitted our appeal letter.

A few months past, and we were informed that we had successfully balloted, and we could choose our unit, but… It is still pending the results of the appeal.

10 months past since we submitted the ballot and appeal, and we realised that others were already collecting their keys. We called the HDB again and we were told to wait as they continue to review.

During that time, we drove to the block weekly and prayed for our neighbours, construction workers, while giving thanks. BTW, we did find the vision after all and here is the picture!


We finally received our keys a year after the submission. It was all worth it. From the master bedroom, we have an unobstructed view of the city skyline. So this rainbow was a reminder of God’s promise and delivery based on a vision.

Thank you Jesus.


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