I have been SPAMMED

As a relatively new blogger, getting comments on my writing is exciting. Most of what I get have been encouraging. But I started noticing a strange pattern in the comments. They tend to come in multiples of 3 to 6 comments at a time from very similar sounding names – Land Rover Cherry Hill, Mercedes Cherry Hill, etc. and from very similar IP addresses.

The messages looked similar, that they find the info helpful and thanked me. Others will indicate that they will have added me to their weblink. All sounds very encouraging.

Now all of these comments are very general and made no real link to the subject of my blog. Two of these even had the audacity to tell me that they liked my earlier postings but my last few postings have gone off track and become boring.

That led me to do some investigation… which leads me to Comment Spams. Unlike email spams, comment spams do not target you by trying to sell you something. It’s actual target is the search engines. Their purpose is to help boost Google, Bing, Yahoo rankings to their site. It could be done by real people, or spambots!

Here is a site I found on how to identify comment spam.

Now that I have cleaned up all my comments… sigh… Instead of having over 120 comments, I now have a humble 9 real comments. So much for the ego boost!




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