Underdog Movie of 2011

Ok, the reviewers panned the movie. Honestly, I don’t know understand their point of view. The movie I am talking about is Real Steel. I watched it a couple of months ago on the big screen and I just watched it again on DVD.

The Guardian gave it one star – There’s too much schmaltz and not enough smashes in this cyborg slugfest.

The Telegraph did slightly better with two stars – Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, doesn’t just aim low – it has no idea where it’s aiming at all.

Maybe, the problem is that I am just reading British reviews. Else where, they could have rated the movie better. I liked the movie and so far friends who I have recommended really enjoyed it.

Real Steel is for the down and out, with a reminder that there is always hope even if you are worst than being an underdog. This story about a down and out man. Washed out in the boxing ring, now made obsolete when robot boxing replaces human boxing as a sport. He retrains himself for robot boxing, except that he is not very good at it. He drinks and owes money.

All that changed, when lawyers found him and told him that his former girlfriend has died and he now has custody of a 11 year old son.

The movie builds up as the father learns from the son and the son bonds with the father.

It’s like watching a old Rocky movie, except the acting here is better and you can actually understand the dialogue. It’s like watching a Transformers movie, except that there is actually an emotional pull in this movie. It’s like watching other father/son movies like The River Runs Through It, Big Fish, except this has a lot more action.

Anyway, here is the trailer to help you decide if it is worth the DVD.

 The moral of the story – It’s not about being on top, we can all rise up to our potential if we find the right motivation.

The other moral is – Don’t be so proud and call yourself Zeus. Your downfall can be humiliating. BTW, I think Zeus is a Usain Bolt fan.


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