iPad for Work? Does not Work for Me.

I just read in an article that Forrester Research expects global enterprise spend on Apple products will increase by up to 50% in 2012. While all that is well and good for Apple, I am discovering that my iPad is quite useless for me to do any work at home.

So far, I have never successfully done any real work on my iPad. (Tap Tap Zoo, Facebook, Quora, checking soccer news and results don’t quite count.) I tried, I really tried. I even try to blog using the iPad at home. So far, I have been really unsuccessful. The moment my two boys realised that I have taken out the iPad, it become theirs. I am not sure, but they could have learnt how to say iPad and YouTube before they spoke in sentences.

It does not help that the iPad is so easy to use. Jireh, my two year old swipes the screen and goes to his favourite apps without any help, except for keying in the password that unlocks the iPad. He sees any screen – notebook, monitor, TV – and he swipes at it.

So no real work is really done on the iPad. I wonder how would enterprise users with young children get their work done if their companies gives them an iPad instead of a notebook. I have gone out with friends and once the iPads comes out, you will see a feeding frenzy. And very quickly, they will all quieten down and the iPads gets swapped. Different iPads has different games.

Back to the issue of work, so far the one app that has been great for me in public relations is Teleprompt+. It is probably also the most expensive app that I have ever paid for – US$14.99. It is money well spent especially if you have to do video interviews.

Real teleprompters cost a lot f money, but with Teleprompt+ on the iPad, you have a working solution that does the job just as well. There are other teleprompter apps out there, but I think Teleprompt+ is probably one of the best around. Others require you to manually type the script into the app on the iPad. With Teleprompt+, all you need to do is convert your word document into a txt or rft format and upload it to DropBox and download it into the app.

You can adjust the text size, speed, color and it even tells you how long the speech runs for based on the speed. This beats having to print the script on multiple A3 sheets of paper and holding it next to the camera.

If you are interested, its creator BombingBrain even provides YouTube videos on how to use Teleprompt+


4 thoughts on “iPad for Work? Does not Work for Me.

  1. I like actually use my iPad quite a bit for work – emails, writing, using as a portable reference, scribbling for ideas etc.

    My daughter climbs all over my iDevices too. I think the key is to set limits – she knows there are allocated times for the iPad and that’s a luxury from daddy, not her right.

    Somehow she know not to mess with my iDevices but goes all over my mum’s iPhone – typical pampered grandchild. 🙂

  2. It’s not easy to type on that’s for sure, but we do find it’s easy to bring into meetings and pull something up quickly or check the calendar. For simple tasks like that, it’s great to have.

    1. Thanks Clearpoint for sharing and following the blog.

      I must say the iPad is impressive. I remember just before a press conference, my PR consultant went through some of the docuements on the iPad with me. It was convenient.

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