Conversations About Politicians’ Pay Cut

With the announcement of the recommendations of the review committe for ministers, Singapore has gone abuzz in giving their opinions. 51% cut for the President, 36% cut for the Prime Minister, 37% cut for the Ministers…

No doubt these are big changes that will affect the politics in Singapore in future. Of course, the recommendations are still subject to a parliamentary discussion. Though, I am sure they will be accepted.

Many asked about challenges of attracting quality leaders of the country with a reduced compensation package. And that is a concern.

I am reminded of a project in the US that was launched a copy of months before the last US presidential election when Barack Obama was voted in. It was led by a church and they even set up a website – Letters to the Next President. They encouraged US citizens to write Letters to the Next President on what they expect from him. At that time, it could be Obama or McCain, Democrat or Republican, it does not matter. What do you expect of the next president.

Along with the website, a three messages by Andy Stanley based on 3 qualities he believes the next president should have. While they have taken down the website, I found the YouTube video to the three messages, which I find relevant even as we review the politicians in Singapore. These are abridged version of the messages, if you are interested in the full audio messages, I have provided the MP3 links for download.

1. Heaven Rules (MP3) 

2. Beyond Approval Ratings (MP3) 

3. Once Upon a Time in the Middle East (MP3) 

So what do we expect from our politicians in Singapore?


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