Apple Lemmings in 2012?

There I was, waiting for lift on the ground floor of my HDB block, came a twenty-something man with his eyes glued to his phone as he plays a game. When the lift door opened, he did not even once look up. He just walked straight into the lift, even though there were 4 people already in the lift trying to get out.

The reaction was interesting, as the 4 passengers looked surprised, as he brushed by them. One looked at him and then look around as if to make sure that it was actually the ground floor before he got out.

While we are surprise by the rudeness of the young man, it is not that uncommon. Quite often, we see people all around with their eyes on their phones ignoring all that is around them. We see them on the MRT, seated comfortably while the elderly and pregnant stands on their journey.

I was in Orchard Central the other day. From the 2nd floor, I looked down to see a cafe. It was filled with people sitted at the tables. Now at every table was a least one person with the eyes on their tablet or phone. Gadget interaction seems to take a higher priority over human interactions.

Now, while I make this observations, I am also one of the guilty parties involved. I carry my iPhone wherever I go, often with the iPad in tow. I have to make a concious effort to prioritise correctly, if not Apple’s 1995 advertisement may become a reality. We may all ended up being blindfolded by the gadgets we carry, iOS, Android or otherwise.

In a totally unrelated piece of news from The Straits Times… a man from china ignored the cry for help of a drowning boy, only to find out that it was his son.

Let’s hope that the apathy of society will not reach this level. Let us not be blindfolded by our lack of care, gadgets, love for money…


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