All About Christmas Presents

The thing about giving Christmas presents is that you need the time and effort to buy and to wrap. Ever since the two kids came, that became a bigger challenge. Jireh is now 2 and a half years old and looks forward to unwrapping anything that I bring back. And it does not even matter if it is his or not.  I think there is greater joy in unwrapping presents than actually enjoying the real gift. Must be the mystry of the unknown.

This year when I brought home MY christmas presents given by colleagues. He thinks its his. Before we can stop him, he already grabbed onto two gifts and refuse to let them go.  The first gift he opened a delicious box of orange chocolate cookies. The second was an incomplete chess set – actually is a nice set of fridge magnets made in the shape of chess pieces.

With a son who unwraps everything he can get his hands on, it is rather difficult to prepare presents for others. Well, this year I found a fun and meanful gift for most of my colleagues and friends – NOTbooks. There are called NOTbooks, because each of the 16 A6 sized notebooks makes a declaration of what you are NOT, and clarifies what you ARE. Here are some of them:

  • I am not late. You are Early.
  • I am not stubbon. I am committed
  • I am not high. I am happy

On their own, they look good. I just attached a meanful seasons message on the cover and it is ready to be given away. Actually, it works better unwrapped. I gave them out in the office and it became a talking point with the colleagues going round comparing with each other on what they are NOT.

What makes it an even better gift for me is that they deliver!  Thank you Epigram Books for making my shopping this year easy!

Warning: this gift could be a double edge sword. Most will enjoy it and find it fun. There may be some who might get offended. If you suspect that your friend falls in this category, there is an appropriate NOTbook designed: I AM NOT SENSITIVE. I AM IN TOUCH WITH MY FEELINGS.


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