An iPad Game for PR Pros, Politicians, Entertainers, Egotists… and the Like

While I was app surfing recently, I came across King of Opera which was free for a day (now costs US$0.99). I downloaded and began playing it and discovered that it is the ideal game for PR and marketing professionals, politicians, entertainers, egotists and others who like to HOG THE LIMELIGHT!!!!

With King of Opera, you can now practice how to hog the limelight by bumping others out of the limelight.  When you feel you are ready, invite three other friends and fight to stay in the spotlight.

It is quite rare to find a game that 4 friends (or competitors) can play at the same time, each using only one finger. It is simple, yet challenging and fun. Each controls an opera singer who sings a different tune and the objective is to stay in the spotlight for as long as possible. The singer in the spotlight sings his own tune and after three acts, the singer who stays the longest in the limelight is King of Opera.

 Here is a YouTube video I found that shows the game.


Now as I end this piece, I am having second thoughts. This game is not for PR professionals, since we tend to work in the background to get someone else in the limelight. Ok, we should recommend this game to our clients then.


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