More than a Drink of Water, Bloom* Inspires

I recently stumbled upon an app that by default reminds me to “Refresh with a glass of water.” at 9 am every monring. It’s a reminder app. OK, so I drink my glass of water at 9 am. But the Bloom* iPhone app from Mindbloom is so much more, it aims to inspire.

You set reminders with videos – Blooms*. You can attached a Bloom*s from the Bloom* Shop for free as a reminder to youself. From the Bloom* Shop there are over 40 ready to use Bloom* to “Unclutter my work space”, “Read something for pleasure”, “Take a moment to pray”, “Pause and be grateful”, “Take a photo”, “Pay at least one bill”, and even “Hug a loved one”.

Now if you cannot find something from the Bloom* Shop, then create a Bloom* of your own using pictures and music on your iPhone. It is easy to create and when you are done, it is especially meaningful with personalised text on each picture. I created one for my wife’s birthday and she loved it.


Now while it is an app worth a space on my iPhone’s font page, there are some improvements that will be it an even more amazing app. I actually found these out while preparing for my wife’s birthday surprise:

1. Making Blooms* accessible on multi-devices. I created the Bloom on my iPhone but cannot transfer it to my iPad.

2. They should include an auto image compression into the app when creating the Bloom* as most of the photos on our iPhone are generally about 1 MB in size. Include 20 photos and you have a Bloom* that is 20MB, making it hard to share.

But I am enjoying the app. I enjoy the creation process, the daily reminders to do something that inspires, not just to strike something off a to-do list. One thing I am doing daily is refreshing myself with a glass of water at 9 am.


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