Charging an iPad… or Two or More?

I remember when I got my iPad 2, I plugged it into my car charger and it says “Not Charging”. I panicked. Did I just buy a faulty iPad from the US? Since then, I have smartened up and know that the iPad needs a charger that is able to provide at least a 1 amp charge.

I walked into shop a couple of months ago and saw an Apple wall plug that was selling at $18, when it normally sells for over $40. When I asked the shop owner, I was told that its not an original. He specifically said that it cannot charge the iPad.

Now, on my recent family trip to Phuket on JetStar, I saw in the flight catalogue a FliteGear Universal Adaptor with two USB sockets. It looked so good, I bought it. To my surprise, it was more than able to charge my iPad. So on the trip, we tested it further. We loaded the adaptor with two iPads, one iPhone and a notebook and it worked!

The Flitegear Universal adaptor seems to be only available on flights Jetstar and SQ. It has a 3 amp charge which allows it to charge 2 iPads easily apart from being a universal. For S$58, it seems like a fair price to pay.

UPDATE: Well, the adaptor died after about 7 months of daily use. So maybe not so worthwhile after all. I got myself a even better on at just $12 on GMarket (now This is not a universal adaptor, but has the ability to charge up to 4 gadgets via USB, including 2 iPads, 1 iPhone, 1 Android phone at a go. 


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